This low-moisture method is proven to be a viable alternative to regular hot water extraction

We "ARE"

...equipped on every mold or water loss to professionally clean carpets & upholstery  



...is the simplest but most often forgotten step that removes more then 70% of the initial dirt, debris, and soils. Taking the time to vacuum thoroughly is very important.  

Applying solution

...is achieved by way of a pump spryer. Its important to understand that more "solution" is not the solution. 


...the encapsulation solution into all of the carpet fibers is step 3 of the cleaning process. This is completed with a drill or walk behind  


...is where the magic happens. As the solution is evaporating, it surrounds the remaining dirt, debris, and soils and lifts them to the surface area.


...is once again needed to remove all the crystallized dirt, debris, and soil. This is completed once the carpet is dry.  

A Few Things To Know

Low-moisture cleaning service offers many important advantages over water extraction and bath immersion cleaning services. 


Encapsulation has been around since the late 1990’s or early 2000’s. The method often uses similar equipment as the “Shampoo” method.  For that reason, many have confused, dismissed and equated it with that method.  But, encapsulation uses a very new and revolutionary different type of chemistry!



The solution we apply is a product that is designed with an innovative polymer technology to form a distinct crystal when it dries. The crystal is the vehicle that enables a good encapsulator to capture soil so it can be extracted through post-vacuuming. Although some products may claim to "encapsulate" on the label and they may get the carpet to look good initially, (it's easy to get a carpet to look cleaner) the real concern should be whether or not the encapsulated soil can be removed with post-vacuuming.



The polymer in the solution we apply has an additional attribute beyond its strong ability to absorb soil and release from the fiber. The CRYSTALON3 encapsulation polymer is also a major factor in helping the carpet to stay clean longer between cleanings. The brittle non-sticky polymer resists soil (as opposed to traditional detergents that can act like a dirt magnet). If the crystallized polymer gets wet again it will actually be re-solubilized reverting back to a polymeric liquid. When it dries it will re-crystallize all over again -so a build-up can never occur.



Carpets are like oversized filters that trap and accumulate almost any form of indoor pollutant that you can think of. Carpets are also hidden havens for allergens. Dust, dirt, pet dander, moisture, and pests get stuck in the carpet's fibers even with regular vacuuming. In some point in time, soil particles and airborne pollutants will anchor themselves in the carpet as well. Maintaining your carpets is a very important part of maintaining your indoor air. Overtime, the pollutants trapped in the carpet fibers will become aerosolized when met with fiction, for example walking and moving furniture.    

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